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Reasons For Giving

There are several things we want to communicate when it comes to giving at our church. The first is that visitors at CFF will never be asked to give any money. We believe that visitors are our guests, and when it comes to giving an offering, there is never any pressure or compulsion to give. If you are visiting CFF, you will never feel uncomfortable when it comes to the offering. Second, we feel like giving to God should come from the heart. God loves a cheerful giver and it is our prayer that if you choose to give then you will do so out of gladness and a heart of worship. Finally, giving to CFF is the way we fund the ministries of our church. Other churches may be funded by denominations or fundraisers, but the work we do on Sundays and in our community all come through your donations. Therefore if you are a member or regular attender at CFF or if God lays it on your heart to give to our ministry, then we pray that you would do so with joy.

3 Ways to Give at Cypress Family Fellowship

1. Best = Bank Bill-pay Service. Many banks now let you set up online bill-pay, where you instruct your bank to automatically generate a payment to the church each month. This is a free service at many banks.

2. Better = Give on Sunday. You can fill out an envelope with your donation and place it in one of the offering boxes located around in the church.

3. Good = Through Pushpay or PayPal. Our church has Pushpay and PayPal accounts. Both are safe and secure and only takes a few minutes to set up.



How To Give

1. Enter donation amount.

2. Choose your donation type: One Time Gift or Recurring Gift.

3. Login or Register if this is your first time giving via Pushpay or PayPal, verify your choices using our secure servers.

4. Acceptance and receipt of your donation.